Four Main Advantages Offered by Voice Over IP

business work on telephone

Voice over IP (VoIP) was created in order to give access to voice communication in all parts of the globe. In most cases, voice communication is rather expensive. Picture calling a person living halfway across the world. The first thing to enter your mind is probably your phone bill! With VoIP, this problem does not exist. Learn more about Telephone System, go here.

Below are four of the key benefits you can enjoy with VoIP:

Cash Savings

Because VoIP relies on the Internet as a backbone, the only cost you pay when using it is your monthly Internet bill. Of course, you also need a decent speed in your connection, which isn’t really an issue these days. You can talk to someone as long as you like on VoIP, and your costs will be the same. Compared to a traditional PTSN line, studies indicate that VoIP can bring savings of as much as 40 % on local calls and 90% on international calls. Find out for further details on VOIP System right here.

Because the hardware and software you need are cheap, you save even more money with VoIP. If you are an Internet user who wants to use VoIP for voice communication, you only have to buy a microphone, a sound card and speakers, which you probably even already have. In terms of the software requirement, you will find plenty of packages that are downloadable from the Internet, and you just have to choose one to install them in your computer. You don’t even need an actual telephone set or any underlying equipment.

Lots of Interesting and Nifty Features

This technology also offers several features that give you and your business a robust VoIP experience, including enhanced call management. For instance, you can call anyone anywhere in the world and enjoy other nifty services such as voicemail, caller ID and all the rest.

Flexible Network Topology

The underlying network required for VoIP does not have to be of any specific topology or layout. It may be used with many common technologies, like ATM, Ethernet, SONET, and the others, and even on Wi-Fi and other wireless networks. VoIP practically wipes out the network complexities of PSTN connections, creating an integrated and flexible infrastructure that actually works with several types of communication.


If you use an intranet or extranet at work, you will still be able to perform your functions while staying home, thanks to VoIP, which can give you access to all vital services in the office. Just convert your home into a segment and then you can use the voice, fax and data services of your office remotely via your intranet. Because of this portable nature of VoIP, it has grown to be immensely popular in all parts of the world, especially today when portable hardware and portable services are also gaining ground. Take  a look at this link for more information.


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